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Welcome to US Corn Purchasing Department of Ingredion Sustainability

 North Kansas City Plant (please refresh the page to view the announcement)


Dear Ingredion grower,


Due to recent events with COVID-19 (corona virus), non-Ingredion people will not be allowed to enter the corn receiving trailer.  If you need to contact the graders please use the intercom located beside the stairs going up to the grading office.  Please see the attached close up picture of the SmartTalk intercom.  Once you are over by the dumping bay there is another SmartTalk intercom near the printer. 



On a separate note I would like to raise awareness of Identity Preservation/Segregation of the various corn types we process at Kansas City.  Recently we have had some incidents of co-mingled grain types being delivered to the plant.  Mistakes happen but the goal of this letter is to raise awareness that keeping grain types entirely separate from each other is critical to meeting final quality spec on the starches we produce at Kansas City.  Starch that does not meet spec creates significant quality challenges in the plant, rejections with our customers and can cause significant financial losses.  As you load trucks, change bins, plant this spring, clean equipment and fill bins next fall please keep Segregation of the various grain types top of mind.


Thank you and please reach out with any questions.

 ​KC SmartTalk.jpg

NKC Specialty Grains Staff


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