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​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to Cedar Rapids Corn Purchasing Department of Ingredion Sustainability

Cedar Rapids Plant 

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Welcome to Ingredion's new website for Corn Suppliers. Please sign in by using the "Supplier Login" link in the upper right hand corner.
Note: You must have a valid Email Address to log into SellYourCorn. If you are having trouble please contact your merchandiser.

Closing Bids 5/16

Corn Buyer: 319-298-3021

Office Hours: 8:00a to 4:00p M-F









                      Friday                                    Open 7:30AM-NOON for YC

                      Monday                                Open 7:30AM-NOON for YC

                      Tuesday                                Open 7:30AM-NOON for YC

                       Wednesday                         Open; TBA Waxy or YC



                 May                        +0N                  4.57

                 FH June                 +8N                   4.65

                 LH June                 +0N                   4.57

                 July                         -10N                 4.47

                 Aug                        -15U                 4.53

                 Sep                        -15U                 4.53

     Oct                        -20Z                   4.62

                 Nov                       -20Z                   4.62

                 Dec                        -15Z                  4.67