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​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to Cedar Rapids Corn Purchasing Department of Ingredion Sustainability

Cedar Rapids Plant 

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** If you're having issues logging in with two-factor authentication (2FA), please fill out this form to let us know. **
The 2FA program is supposed to register your device and remember it for one year. We are receiving multiple reports that it isn't doing that. Please let us know if this is happening to you by filling out the above form. Thank you!
Welcome to Ingredion's new website for Corn Suppliers. Please sign in by using the "Supplier Login" link in the upper right hand corner.
Note: You must have a valid Email Address to log into SellYourCorn. If you are having trouble please contact your merchandiser.


While in the staging lot, we ask that all drivers please remain in their truck after un-tarpingWhile outside of the truck, please abide by the US Government CDC recommended 6 ft social distancing rule.


Also, going forward, there will be a delay for corn unloading starting at 6:30 AM to allow Ingredion 1st shift employees to enter the plant through the corn unloading area. This is a COVID-19 mitigation process.


We understand the inconvenience some of the new guidelines may cause, but it is Ingredion's belief that we must do all we can to protect our employees, customers, and corn vendors.


Thank you for your business and cooperation during this pandemic.  

Contact Kevin or Michael with your questions.

Corn Line: 800-332-5227

                    PRESS 1: BUYER

                    PRESS 2: BIDS

                    PRESS 3: HOURS


 Monday 6/1

5:00 AM to

 NOON for YC


5:00 AM to 

9:00 AM for YC


Opening Bids- 5/29


           Spot                -17 CN                3.10

           By FH June      -17                      3.10

            LH June          -12 CN                 3.15

            July                -12 CN                 3.15

            Aug                 -20 CU                3.11

            Sep                 -20 CU                3.11

            O/N                 -25 CZ               3.15

            Dec                  -12                   3.28


Phone Number: ​319-298-3021
Office Fax: ​(319) 298-3081​
1001 1st Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Corporate Headquarter:​
5 Westbrook Corporate Center
Westchester, IL 60154
Grain Contacts:
​Kevin Keiser (319) 298-3213​

​(319) 298-3021

​Corn Line (Bids/Hours)​(800) 332-5227
​Feed Contacts:
​Brenna  (319)-298-3135
Kim Polton ​​319)-298-3707