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1001 1st Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
319-398-3769- Front Desk
(319) 398-3702 - HR Manager
Corporate Headquarter:​
5 Westbrook Corporate Center
Westchester, IL 60154
Grain Contacts: 
Michael​(319) 298-3021

​Feed Contacts:

Kim Polton​​ 298-3707
Contract Terms and Conditions of Purchase:
  1. Any conditions or terms not stated herein are to be governed by National Grain & Feed Association trade rules.
  2. The grain referenced in this contract applies to yellow dent corn.  Ingredion U.S. scale​ and discounts in effect at time of delivery will apply.
  3. Chemical treatment of the corn is only approved in accordance to USDA fumigation standards.
  4. The seller guarantees the vehicle delivering corn has not previously hauled prohibitive materials as documented by Ingredion "Acceptable Agri-Products Back Haul" document # USCN-QA-L-001.
  5. All grain shipped and applied to this contract guaranteed cool, sweet, and merchantable and fit for human consumption in both U.S. & Canada, as well as meeting all other contractual quality specifications, at time of delivery to Ingredion.
  6. Grain applied to this contract shall be produced in accordance with all applicable laws and shall not contain non-EU approved genetic traits, which include but are not limited to Enogen, Agrisure Viptera, and Monsanto/Dow Agrosciences Smartstax.
  7. Max 20 ppb aflatoxin, 1 ppm vomitoxin and as further defined by the FDA/USDA.
  8. Payment made via wire transfer, ACH, or check upon receipt of all required documents including but not limited to original signed bill of lading, weight and grade certificates, and invoice.
  9. Unless otherwise specified, the term "inspection" shall mean, "Class A" official inspection in accordance with National Grain & Feed Association trade rules, weights to govern purchase shall be specified in contract.
  10. Seller warrants that grain specified in this contract is free and clear of any and all liens and seller has good title thereto.
  11. On delivered contracts any increase in freight rates prior to fulfillment of the contract shall be for the seller's account.  Cars must be loaded to conform to minimum weight restrictions or seller will allow railroad freight penalties.
  12. Buyer shall not be liable for prevention or delay in performance on contract due to, but not limited to, strikes, fires, floods, acts of God, embargoes, wars shortages of transportation equipment, labor disputes, etc.
  13. Buyer reserves the right to cancel, extend delivery time (with 24 hours prior notice) or buy-in grain for contracted destination at buyers' option, any balance not delivered within delivery period.  Any loss resulting from aforementioned action to be paid by seller.
  14. Buyer reserves the right to price basis trades (by requested date of shipment) within the day's futures price range either by: (a) buying futures for sellers' account in the futures trading pit, or (b) giving up futures versus cash from buyer's position.
  15. The terms and conditions of this contract are binding and may not be changed or altered in any way except with the written consent of the buyer or authorized agent.
  16. Please sign and return contract confirmation to us immediately.

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Welcome to Ingredion's new website for Corn Suppliers. Please sign in by using the "Supplier Login" link in the upper right hand corner.
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Closing Bids 12/5

Corn Buyer: 319-298-3021

Office Hours: 8:00a to 4:00p M-F






           FH DEC      -5H    4.86           

LH DEC     -5H   4.86

 FH Jan     -0H    4.91

             LH Jan     -10H   4.81             

             Feb         -12H      4.79         

   Mar        -10H      4.81

Apr     -15K     4.87

May     -15K     4.87






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Corn Buyer: 319-298-3021

Office Hours: 8:00a to 4:00p M-F

Closing Bids 12/5




                FH DEC                   -5H                     4.86       

          LH DEC                 -5H                     4.86

            FH Jan             -0H                      4.91

         LH Jan                -10H                      4.81

            Feb                       -12H                4.79

           Mar                       -10H                4.81

   Apr                   -15K           4.87

     May                -15K           4.87